No surprise budget helps you plan your next real estate move.
No surprise budget


 The Right Team for Today's Market

 How The Team Helps Buyers

We will help you plan how to get started on your Buying journey with thought provoking questions 

Don't Shop Without A Pre-Approved Mortgage. Sellers really take you very seriously when your purchasing power is really clear and in place.

Choose a Full Time experienced Realtor Who You Trust. The Marylou Leslie Team has knowledge and experience that comes from many years of helping different types of buyers. In addition, with hiring us you are also hiring a large team of professionals to place at your disposal such as lawyers, notaries, lenders, inspectors and so forth. And most importantly, you have the full protection of the law behind you when you have your own Buyer's agent.

The Marylou Leslie Team "What If Budget®" will identify all the costs of buying your home so there are no surprises.

Lets Go! We may find something right away for you or not but rest assured that your home is out there and we will help you find it.

The Comparative Market Evaluation. Once we find a home that suits your dream list, we will do a Comparative Market Evaluation. This is a list of similar properties that have sold in order to guide you on pricing your offer in today's market.

You Have An Offer. Great! We've found a home that you want to make yours, congratulations. We will write the offer on the Contract of Purchase and Sale. We'll take it to the listing agent and we will negotiate on your behalf to get the best price. You'll need a deposit, it's your way of saying your offer is serious and we will tell you when that is needed. 

The Contract of Purchase & Sale. We'll have clauses and conditions inserted which are important to you for example completion dates, inspection reports and your financial institution will want to appraise the home before they lend money. Once you've agreed to the terms and conditions you must fulfill the obligations and remove the subjects. You now have a firm commitment to Buy.

Find A Lawyer or Notary. You need to find a lawyer or notary to do your conveyance, it's where they examine and transfer the title of the property to your name. register a mortgage, pay transfer tax if applicable, etc. Ask them how they structure their fees and get an estimate of all other costs you can expect.

Get Ready To Move! You get the key to your property at the specified time on the possession date. To be prepared, have all your utilities and home insurance transferred for this date. The Team has a comprehensive move in checklist for you as well, that helps to keep you organized.

Move In! Congratulations, you're home! and we are honored to consider you our client for life.

FREE: Download our Informed Buyers Guide booklet, hope it helps you. Also FREE is our best Moving Day Checklist Ever. Contact the team anytime at We are here for you.